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2006 - Aim High


2006 was a great year for playing Aim High! We attended the Buckeye, the Midwest, and the West Michigan Regionals. We were named the Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award at the Buckeye and we were also a Regional Finalist! What a great drive train we had, and we had the BIGFOOT. We even had the ability to push Vaughn across the carpet. Our gigantic ball dump mechanism was just superb! After that, we went to the Midwest, where we were the Motorola Quality Award winner and a Regional Finalist. At the West Michigan Regional, we won the Entrepreneurship Award again. Our robot and team were published in the FIRST Robotics: Aim High: Behind the Design, by Vince Wilczynski. It was so very exciting to be chosen for this honor!



Number of Teams: 1133


Events Held:

33 Regionals

  1 Championship


Robot Size:

 130 pounds

 Fit inside a 30” x 36” x 5’ space


Brief Game Description:

During a 10 second autonomous mode robots are programmed to score into any of the three goals: one raised center goal marked by a green vision target and two corner goals at floor level. At the end of the autonomous period the alliance with the most points will gain a 10 point bonus and will be placed on defense for round two. Rounds two, three and four are each 40 seconds long and are human - controlled rounds. Between rounds two and three the alliances switch from offense to defense or vice versa. At the start of round 4 any alliance can score into the corresponding goals. At the end of the match any alliance can receive bonus points by placing its three robots on a platform below the center goal.


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