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2008 – FIRST Overdrive


2008 was another great year for the FIRST Robotics WOBOT team! Overdrive put us in a mood where we needed some speed! During our test phases, we would stand at the edge of the arena set up by Team 74, and we actually felt a breeze as the WOBOT went by! Wow! It was an exciting, fast-paced game. We had a great set of drive teams that year, and we sure had some serious success! We attended the Wisconsin Regional, where we won the Motorola Quality Award. At the West Michigan Regional, we won the Engineering Inspiration Award and were named a Regional Finalist. We went on to be a finalist in the Newton Division at Nationals, where we were in an alliance with the Mighty Monkey Wrenches from 2016 and 1574, MisCar, from Israel. We had a great season and another remarkable year in the FIRST Robotics Competition.



Number of Teams: 1501


Events Held:

41 Regionals

  1 Championship


Robot Size:

 130 pounds

 Fit inside a 30” x 36” x 5’ space


Brief Game Description:

The game is made up of two scoring periods. The first 15 seconds of play is the Hybrid period in which robots are autonomous, and may also respond to certain digital signals sent by team members designated as “Robocoaches”, who are stationed at the corners of the track. The next two minutes of play is the Teleoperated period. At this time, robots are fully radio controlled by the team operators standing at either end of the field.


TEAM 141


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