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A Picture of the Team Planting Tulip Bulbs during the fall from the Drone


In 2015, WOBOT, combined with several other clubs at West Ottawa High School, purchased a DJI Inspire-1 quadcopter drone for photography and spreading the STEM message throughout the community. We affectionately refer it as the “WO Drone”.


Equipped with GPS, the WO Drone has the ability to stay locked into a single GPS location, and not drift as a result of things like strong gusts of wind. During normal flight, GPS also allows us to set a “home base” to easily return to the controllers, or a set location.


The Apple iPad controlled software allows you to set a map-driven course that the drone will follow, and even store that course in its memory to take the same path at a later date. We’ve used this feature to capture photos and videos of a current construction project taking place at one of the schools in our district. We plan to return several times over the course of construction and take new photos and videos, to show the progress.


We use two different types of lithium batteries, the DJI Inspire-1 TB47 and TB48. The drone operators decide which batteries to choose based on the type of event we’re flying, as well as the duration the drone will be in the air. The TB47 is a smaller battery that allows anywhere from 15 to 17 minutes of flight time, depending on the conditions. The TB48 is a larger battery that allows anywhere from 20 to 22 minutes of flight time depending on the conditions. The drone has a special feature allowing the camera to stay level, despite it being tipped by the wind.


 WO Drone is controlled by two operators, one that manages the movement of the drone, and the other that manages the gimbal-mounted camera. We record at the homecoming football game, at the homecoming assembly, the construction being done at our local middle school, at a soccer game, and many more opportunities.


Students learning how to pilot the drone and the camera

Picture of the North High School Building from the Drone

Picture of the South High School Building from the Drone

Overlook of Holland, Michigan downtown during Community Day, when our FTC and FRC teams planted Tulip Bulbs for the Tulip Time Festival.


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