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a PARTNERSHIP WITH West Ottawa Public Schools and many wonderful Sponsors

We took the opportunity to work with AndyMark to bring other robotics teams products that we believe are good and can help them have a great season. We would like to send AndyMark a big "Thank You" for this opportunity!

Thank you to FIRST Robotics team 141, WOBOT for approaching AndyMark with this design concept and for working with the product manufacturer in development of this product. They wished to create a product to better the FIRST community, and deserve much credit for making this positive impact. - AndyMark

We are honored with this opportunity. We look forward to working with AndyMark and other teams in the future to help bring new/better products to FIRST.  - Team 141

WMR Alliance


The West Michigan Robotics Alliance ( is an entity created to foster innovation and the sharing of ideas and products for the FIRST community. The Alliance is open to any FIRST robotics team or sponsor who would like to contribute ideas or financial support. All technology developed is open-source to the FIRST community. At present, the WMRA is comprised of Team 141, WOBOT and Team 2767, Stryke Force

Summer 2016 brought a group of students and mentors from teams 141 WOBOT and 2767 Stryke Force together to develop a new "Sentinel Board". The current ones on market were good but were missing a capability we found was needed. The group analyzed and researched the need, the cost, and the possibility of completion. Once the discussions were complete the group went to a company in Chicago (Sunrise Electronics) and had the board etched out and shopped for supplies. The group then went to Petra Electronics in Hopkins, Michigan and stuffed the components. From there the group contacted AndyMark and developed a business deal. The group then mass-produced more of the boards and these are currently available for purchase.

Sentinel Interface Board for the Talon SRX (am-3495)


Product Overview:

The Sentinel Breakout Board is used to easily connect a wide variety of digital and analog signal inputs to the Talon SRX speed controller. Inputs supported include incremental and absolute encoders, travel limit switches, string pots, distance ranging sensors, and much more. The Sentinel Breakout Board combines the most features and status reporting of any Talon interface product on the market. The Sentinel was a collaborative effort, designed and manufactured by the West Michigan Robotic Alliance.



The Sentinel mounts rigidly to the Talon SRX without spacers or insulating pads, using two Talon-SRX supplied 4-40 screws.

Input wires can be soldered directly to pads on the breakout board, or you may install header or quick-connect terminal blocks onto the breakout board by soldering them into the through-holes provided (on .1 inch centers).

Wires are secured by threading them through wire retention holes, if desired.

Accepts all type of encoders; open collector output, push-pull output, and PWM Index (single-turn absolute position encoders that work by pulse width modulating the Index input).

Includes internal pull-up resistors for the A/B/I encoder inputs

Compatible with all Talon SRX models including version 1.4


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Our First product with AndyMark is:

CIMcoder (am-3314a)


Product Overview:

This encoder mounts to the nose of a CIM Motor and senses the rotations of the CIM Motor output shaft. A housing, mounted to the CIM Motor, protects the encoder circuitry while a collet spins with the motor output shaft. This version of the CIMCoder features two major changes to the sensor. The most noticeable is the connector is brought to the edge making it easier to plug in cables. The second change is that there are internal pull-up resistors to work with controllers that require them. This encoder works with the NI roboRIO (am-3000), Talon SRX Speed Controller (am-2854), and Sensor Screen (am-3212). The CIMCoder decreases the over CIM shaft length by 0.31".


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