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a PARTNERSHIP WITH West Ottawa Public Schools and many wonderful Sponsors

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Fund Raising

If you would like to help the team but are not sure how to...

You can donate your receipts. We are collecting receipts from any Spartan brand selling stores.


If  the bottom of the receipt has a Direct Your Dollars section, it is  eligible to be used in this program.


Help us collect $150,000 in direct your dollars to receive a check for  $1,000


Please bring your receipts to the Bot Cave in the South High School Building or send them with a student whose is a family/friend of the school/team.


The receipt must be the full item to qualify. Please be reassured that no one will use any information on the receipt other then the bottom number for our count.


We gratefully appreciate your help in reaching our goal.

As of 03-06-20 we are just over our 75% mark with $127,425 collected! Just $22,575 more to go!

Thank you to everyone who has been helping us so far, we just need to go a little bit more!


TEAM 141


Holland, michigan

616- 786-1100 ext. 6141

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