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2009 – Lunacy


2009 brought us some Lunacy! What a game….with a reduced-friction flooring and slippery wheels, we were in for a great time. We attended the Wisconsin Regional and the West Michigan District, as our state piloted a district model. We won the Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” award and the Entrepreneurship award as well. We attended the championship in Atlanta and had a great time!



Number of Teams: 1677


Events Held:

41 Regionals

  1 Championship


Robot Size:

 130 pounds

 Fit inside a 30” x 36” x 5’ space


Brief Game Description:

Robots are equipped with slippery wheels and payload trailers. Lunacy game pieces are “Orbit Balls” designated as Moon Rocks, Empty Cells, or Super Cells. Human players are positioned around the perimeter of the area and can score from their stations. Robots are autonomous during the first 15 seconds of play, and teleoperated for the remaining 2 minutes. Trailers begin each match empty, but robots may be loaded with up to 7 Moon Rocks by their team prior to the start of the match. Human players are equipped with 20 Moon Rocks, less the number they load into their robot, and a quantity of empty cells and Super cells determined by the outcome of their previous match. Moon Rocks, and Empty Cells scored in an opponent’s trailer, at any time. Super Cells must be “activated” before they can be played and only in the last 20 seconds of the match.


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